7 Inch [remastered]

by Landfill

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Remastered 7 inch. Norman, OK's now defunct purveyors of grind-y, dissonant, hardcore,industro-metal. The blend was way before it's time in 1993.


released June 12, 1993

John Wampler - Vocals
Dave Clements - Guitars
Eric Copenhaver - Keyboards
D.J. Clark - Drums



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Landfill Norman, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Domesticating The Impossible Hypothesis
What do you feel in the evening when the sun sets....PANIC
Mind is shrinking, closing into discourse...of flight or fight

Progress advance rapture
Puncture abscess rupture
Progress advance rapture
Puncture abscess rupture

Opulence gash open
Wounds circulate
Herpetic strains mutate
Caustic implant shards
Tear react fumes
Be fruitful multiply
Be fruitful multiply
Tear react fumes

Articulate Override Abstract. Gelatinous Tumors Infest
Self-perpetual Loop

One Giant Leap Domicile
Falls Righteous Paradox

Atlas Ferment Structure
Puncture Armor Censure

Parasitic Embryo Man
Culling Laborless Fruits
Shell Peel Retro Static
Pry Numb Greying Orbits
Surging Gastric Taproot
Pragmatic Squatter Looter
Track Name: Just As Planned
Strong arm shove from the right
Iron Shield meets Burning Cross
International Conglomerate
Universal Protectorate

Sold at birth, occupationist commodity
Spiderweb of New World Feudalism
Petroleum Feeding Corporate Tapeworm

Focal point slides to peripheral distraction
Just as planned, you stray from the true path
Peeling at the corner of your form letter epitaph

Frayed Gauze. Constitutional Coversheet
Neo-Fascist Undertow. Monarchial Backwash

Christian Supremacy
Enemy of Humanity
Quest for Racial Purity
Fueled by Insecurity
Economic Christbait
Quasi-moralist Whitewash

Migration Rewards Blueblood
Generic Society of Pale blanched mannequins
Insipid Peter Pan Fantasy
Childhood Eternal Led By the Apple Pie Reich